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Events can be stressful, partner with us to take away the stress of entertaining. Our hosts are highly skilled and trained to host your event with the utmost care and top-tier entertainment.

  • Bars & Restaurants

    Partner with us to increase traffic at your bar, restaurant, or brewery. Our weekly events bring added flavor to
    the schedule and increase food and beverage sales

  • Country Clubs

    Offer members family-friendly, fun, and exciting memorable experiences. Our events are proven to increase enjoyment and club engagement for members.

  • Private & Corporate Events

    Let us help bring your event to life! Build your customer entertainment experience with our DJ, games, or
    hosting services

Book Your Event

Here’s what it takes.

If you want to bring a weekly event to your establishment, consider the following specifications that will ensure the optimal experience for your guests.

The Space

Our venues require:

  • Reliable WiFi
  • Safe access to power outlets
  • Table with 6ft x 4ft for host station and equipment setup
  • Plenty of space for customers to interact with the event

Customer Base

Our hosts are lively, entertaining, and comfortably interact with guests. Customers who are searching for more than a quiet dining or bar experience are always welcome to join us. Let’s give your customers exactly this by setting the tone for a dynamic and enjoyable environment.

Food & Drinks

Our events increase the party atmosphere, and it’s always a better time when there are food and drink specials on the menu. We’ll publicize any food or drink promotions to encourage people to come to the events. Did someone say Happy Hour?

Additionally, your venue’s revenue will increase as a result. It’s a no brainer!


As a MOR partner, our events will only be as successful as our relationship with your venue.

We prefer to actively collaborate with your advertising and marketing team to promote all upcoming events. At a minimum, we require our venues to have a social media profile and actively promote upcoming events.


Some of our activities award prizes include beverages, t-shirts, and swag! What we have learned is that guests love most gift cards and coupons from the venue. We will work closely with your venue to provide the most desirable prizes for your event’s needs. Prizes are to be provided by your venue, or included in your invoice if provided by MOR.